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FTSE Share Prices

Data collected at 10:45 21/10/14
Market Indicator
FTSE350 3437.3227.07
Biggest Risers (FTSE350)
KESAKesa Electricals ORD EUR0.3043.503.25
TCGThomas Cook Grp PLC OrdEUR0.10116.156.05
Biggest Fallers (FTSE350)
ARMARM Holdings PLC Ord 0.05P825.75-25.75
PUBPunch Tvns Ord Shs 0.9572p126.50-2.50
Most Active (FTSE350)
LLOYLloyds Bk Grp PLC Ord 10P39.3645m0.46
BARCBarclays PLC Ord 25P27.6808m1.58
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Data collected at 10:50 21/10/14

Epic Stock Name Mid Change_P
Bid Offer Volume
III3i Group PLC374.608.502.32374.40374.801.49m
3IN3I Infrastructure PLC ORD NPV144.850.050.03144.80144.900.1m
888888 Holdings PLC Ord 0.5P130.381.130.87130.00130.7569,768
ADNAberdeenAssMgmt PLC Ord 10P408.252.450.60408.10408.400.83m
ASLAberforth Smaller Co Tst ORD1P1054.0011.001.051051.001057.0021,648
ABRAbsolute Rtn S Stg Shs Npv94.130.000.0090.0098.250
ARIActive Risk Ord 1p35.000.000.0034.0036.000
ADMAdmiral Group PLC Ord 0.1P1230.009.000.741229.001231.0065,764
AGSAEGIS Group PLCOrd 5.5P239.800.000.00239.70239.900
AGKAggreko PLC Ord 4 329/395P1509.0014.000.941508.001510.000.18m
ATSTAlliance Trust PLC ORD 2.5P434.950.450.10434.70435.2082,677
AMECAmec PLC Ord 50P1024.0024.002.401023.001025.000.29m
AMLAmlin PLC Ord 28.125P437.457.551.76437.10437.800.45m
AALAnglo Am PLC Ord USD0.549451369.004.500.331368.501369.502.3m
ANTOAntofagasta PLC Ord 5P685.505.000.73685.00686.000.51m
AQPAquariusPlatinLdComShs USD0.0517.88-0.13-0.6017.7518.0070,384
ARMARM Holdings PLC Ord 0.05P825.75-25.75-3.00825.00826.504.25m
ASHMAshmore Group PLC Ord 0.01P308.709.803.28308.50308.900.47m
AHTAshtead Group PLC Ord 10P957.0020.502.19956.50957.501.06m
ABFAssociatdBritFoodsPLC 5 15/22P2673.5038.501.462672.002675.000.3m
AZNAstrazeneca PLC OrdShs USD0.254180.5011.000.264180.004181.000.66m
ATKAtkins WS PLC Ord 0.5P1331.503.500.261331.001332.0037,127
AU.Autonomy Corp PLC ORD SHS 1/3P2549.00-2.000.002549.002551.000
AVVAveva Group PLC Ord 3 5/9P1489.0034.002.341487.001491.0036,728
AV.Aviva PLC Ord 25P493.303.100.63493.10493.501.2m
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