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FTSE Share Prices (Risers)

Data collected at 07:40 31/10/14
Market Indicator
FTSE All Share 3458.916.39
Biggest Risers (FTSE All Share)
AHGAthol Gold Ord 1p Di7.006.93
Biggest Fallers (FTSE All Share)
Most Active (FTSE All Share)
DLAPDe La Rue PLC Non-Cm Pf78.2032m-2.00
WTFUWaterford Stk Unts18.3315m0.00
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Data collected at 07:45 31/10/14

Epic Stock Name Mid Change P
Change %
Bid Offer Volume
OXSOXUS Gold PLC Ord 1P19.9017.84863.681.8038.000
HEGYHelius Energy PLC Ord 1P11.508.00228.573.0020.000
PRSSPraetorian Res Ltd Sub Shs NPV2.461.66206.880.014.900
BHRBeacon Hill Res PLC Ord 0.25P0.280.17161.900.100.450
BPCBahamasPetrolCo PLC Ord 0.002P7.384.50156.522.7512.000
SBLMSable Mining Africa LD NPV DI3.372.02148.711.345.400
BEMBeowulf Mining PLC Ord 1P5.002.95143.902.008.000
APRAPR Energy PLC Ord 10P850.00499.00142.17300.001400.000
RKHRockHopperExploration PLCOrd1P169.1397.13134.9071.25267.000
BLNXBlinkx PLC Ord 1P63.0034.50121.0528.0098.000
MXPMax Petroleum PLC Ord 0.01P1.380.6076.920.762.000
SQZSerica Energy PLC Ord USD0.1022.259.2571.1512.2532.250
RPTRegal Petroleum PLC Ord 5P10.254.0064.005.5015.000
OCDOOcado Group PLC Ord 2P377.20132.8054.34244.40510.000
KMRKenmare Res PLC Ord EUR0.0610.503.6753.736.0015.000
IOFIofina PLC Ord 1P61.2520.7551.2340.5082.000
PACCPrime Active Cap PLCOrdEUR0.508.252.7550.003.5013.000
PTVPeerTV PLC Ord 0.5P0.150.0542.860.100.200
ISLNIshs Silve $ Ishar Phy Sil Etc23.136.8642.1516.2630.000
SRPSerco Group PLC Ord 2P420.15124.3542.04295.30545.000
JRGJust Retiremnt Grp PLC Ord 10P185.9053.1039.98130.80241.000
NWIGNorthwest Inv Grp Ltd 0.5P(DI)2.250.6338.461.503.000
SIHLSymphony Intl HldgsLD NPV(CDI)1.090.3037.540.781.400
KFXKofax Limited Com USD0.001 DI517.63131.5034.06385.25650.000
TALTen Alps PLC Ord 2P0.600.1533.330.400.800
EpicStock NameMidChange PChange %BidOfferVolumeTrade
LSUGETFS Leveraged Sugar $13.333.3032.929.9516.700
MHDUSrce Jpm Mh Us Sou J M H D U E11261.502718.5031.828523.0014000.000
APFAnglo Pacific Group PLC Ord 2P167.0040.0031.50124.00210.000
CSRTConsort Medical PLC Ord 10P930.00220.0030.99710.001150.000
VIXSS&P 500 VIX Source ETF10.252.3830.167.5013.000
DLARDe La Rue PLC Ord 44 152/175P658.75141.2527.29517.50800.000
MTCMothercare PLC Ord 50P217.5046.5027.19171.00264.000
LCFEETFS Leveraged Coffee $13.182.7826.6810.3516.000
XTRXtract Energy PLC Ord 0.01P0.190.0426.670.140.240
FDLFindel PLC Ord 100P326.6366.6325.63255.25398.000
AVVAveva Group PLC Ord 3 5/9P1875.00372.0024.751350.002400.000
SGPSuperGroup PLC Ord 5P1097.50212.5024.01868.001327.000
OREOrogen Gold PLC Ord 0.1P0.110.0223.530.080.130
FTOFortune Oil PLC Ord 1P9.631.8123.086.0013.250.38m
AFRAfren PLC Ord 1P96.7518.0522.9478.50115.000
PHGPETFSMetalSecur Physical Gold8931.501666.0022.937263.0010600.000
CHARChariot Oil&Gas Limited Ord 1P14.132.6322.8311.5016.750
WOODIShares II S&P Timbr&Forestry1452.50265.0022.321185.001720.000
EDLEdenville Energy PLC Ord 0.02P0.060.0122.220.040.070
GENLGenel Energy PLC Ord 10P843.75152.7522.11687.501000.000
CORNETFS CommSecurities Ld CORN$1.630.2922.001.102.150
VECVectura Group PLC Ord 0.025P143.8825.8821.93117.75170.000
AIGGETFS CommSec GrainsDJ-UBSCIUSD5.931.0321.004.857.000
CGHChaaratGoldHdgs Ld Ord USD0.0116.752.8820.7210.5023.000
HOCHochschild Mining PLC Ord 25P122.0020.7020.43101.00143.001,076