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FTSE Share Prices (Risers)

Data collected at 05:50 26/01/15
Market Indicator
FTSE All Share 3664.4119.43
Biggest Risers (FTSE All Share)
AHGAthol Gold Ord 1p Di7.006.93
Biggest Fallers (FTSE All Share)
Most Active (FTSE All Share)
MTVMotive Television PLC Ord 0.1P247.7358m0.00
FTEForte Energy NL NPV172.4108m0.00
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Data collected at 19:35 23/01/15

Epic Stock Name Mid Change P
Change %
Bid Offer Volume
SBLMSable Mining Africa LD NPV DI2.131.22156.412.012.25162.02m
HAIKHaikeChemGrpLtd Ord USD0.00219.007.5065.2218.0020.002.69m
MBOMobilityone Limited Ord 2.5P2.500.7542.862.252.750.26m
SALSpaceAndPeople PLC Ord 1P60.0015.0033.3359.0061.000.3m
ENQ1Enquest PLC 5.50% Nts150222 WI6523.001438.0028.276415.006630.002.71m
MGRMiton Group PLC Ord 0.1P25.255.2526.2525.0025.500.88m
ENQEnquest PLC Ord 5P37.137.0023.3337.0037.2523.72m
BLURBLUR Group PLC Ord 1P73.5013.5022.5073.0074.000.89m
SLESanLeon Energy PLC Ord Eur0.051.070.1718.891.051.0918.04m
JMOSJPmorganOseasITPLCSubShs 0.01P69.5011.0018.8065.0074.0016,290
TAVITavistock Inv PLC Ord 0.01P2.500.3817.652.003.000.57m
PXSProvexis PLC Ord 0.1P0.730.1117.460.720.745.01m
INSPInspirit Energy Hdgs PLC 0.1P1.030.1517.
TPETTangiers Petroleum Ltd NPV DI0.800.1015.380.750.8514.52m
HDDHardide PLC Ord 0.1P1.530.2015.091.451.602.83m
SRESSunrise Resources PLC Ord 0.1P0.330.0414.040.300.359.19m
3NGLBoost Nat Gas 3X Lev DalETP16.942.0713.9016.8916.997,884
RTCRTC Group PLC Ord 1P46.005.5013.5844.0048.0063,398
TJITejoori Ord Usd0.010.090.0113.330.060.110
RXPRoxi Petroleum PLC Ord 1P9.631.1313.249.2510.002.51m
TTR32Red PLC Ord 0.2P54.506.1312.6654.0055.000.61m
EKTElektron Technology PLC Ord 5P5.630.6312.505.256.000.83m
NYONyota Minerals LD Ord Shs NPV0.090.0112.500.080.103.35m
GAMEGameaccount Network PLC Ord 1P55.006.0012.2452.0058.0019,226
CLEECleeve Capital PLC Ord GBP0.014.630.5012.
EpicStock NameMidChange PChange %BidOfferVolumeTrade
MIRLMinera IRL Limited Ord NPV3.200.3311.303.003.400.56m
ANRAltona Energy PLC ORD 0.1P1.050.1010.530.951.151.33m
EMEDEMED Mining Public Ld Ord0.25P5.500.5010.005.255.7514.91m
COPLCanadian Oseas Petlm Ltd NPV4.130.3810.003.754.5065,000
PFDPremier Foods PLC Ord 10P40.383.509.5240.2540.508.25m
ZOXZincox Resources PLC Ord 1P8.750.759.388.509.000.41m
GSRGolden Saint Res Ltd Ord0.410.049.330.400.4212.14m
2NGLBoost Nat Gas 2X Lev DEtp43.223.619.1143.1243.320
AMPAmphion Innovations PLC Ord 1P3.
PGRPremier Gold Res Ord 0.1P0.
33IEPeel LandAndPropInv PLC 8.375%13300.001100.009.0212800.0013800.006m
TPLTethysPetroleumLtd Ord USD0.1012.251.008.8912.0012.500.34m
SOLOSolo Oil PLC Ord 0.01P0.560.058.820.530.5831.8m
LNGAETFS Leveraged Natural Gas $
BSDB.S.D Crown Ltd Ord NIS0.01 DI24.001.888.5723.5024.500.23m
RCIRapidcloud Intl PLC Ord NPV41.503.508.4338.0045.003,222
AXMAlexander Mining PLC Ord 0.1P0.650.058.330.550.752.71m
UJOUnion Jack Oil PLC Ord 0.025P0.200.028.330.180.218.4m
WRESW Resources PLC Ord 0.1P0.340.038.060.320.3512.03m
3HCSBoost Copper 3X Short Dly ETP212.3715.778.02211.67213.06286
MPOWMopowered Group Plc Ord 0.5p3.500.257.693.253.7572,594
TRINTrinity Expl & Prod PLCUSD1.0021.001.507.6920.5021.501.29m
OPTSOptos PLC Ord 2P267.7518.507.39264.50271.000.11m
AVMAvocet Mining PLC Ord 5P8.130.567.338.018.252.81m