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FTSE Share Prices (Risers)

Data collected at 14:25 02/09/14
Market Indicator
FTSE All Share 3642.96-1.61
Biggest Risers (FTSE All Share)
AHGAthol Gold Ord 1p Di7.006.93
Biggest Fallers (FTSE All Share)
Most Active (FTSE All Share)
UJOUnion Jack Oil PLC Ord 0.025P196.6975m0.04
LLOYLloyds Bk Grp PLC Ord 10P161.8332m-1.03
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Data collected at 14:30 02/09/14

Epic Stock Name Mid Change P
Change %
Bid Offer Volume
QQQSB1003 B N 100 3x Sh D E 30/11630.849.5945.1421.0940.60300
SERSefton Res Inc Com Shs NPV0.170.0537.500.130.207.49m
WOODIShares II S&P Timbr&Forestry1450.25275.2523.431180.501720.00156
BZMBellzone Mining PLC Ord NPV0.700.1321.740.650.751.98m
THRTHOR Mining PLC Ord 0.3P0.170.0317.860.160.1798.28m
EMTEmmit PLC ORD 0.001P142.5017.5014.00135.00150.006,766
IGCSIndia Cap S Sub Shs Npv3.130.3813.642.254.0050,000
EOGEur Oil&Gas Hldngs PLC Ord 1P8.381.0013.568.258.504.22m
UJOUnion Jack Oil PLC Ord 0.025P0.350.0413.110.340.35195.9m
CDYCasdon PLC Ord 10P45.005.0012.5035.0055.000
PXSProvexis PLC Ord 0.1P0.890.1011.950.860.923.71m
RGPROSS Group PLC Ord 0.1P1.200.1311.631.101.303,420
MPLEMaple Energy PLC Ord USD0.017.380.7511.327.007.752.02m
KIBOKibo Mining PLC Ord EUR0.0152.080.2010.671.952.202.29m
TRDTriad Group PLC Ord 1P13.001.2510.6412.0014.0035,000
BOOMAudioboom Grp. Ord Shs Npv9.630.8810.009.509.754.26m
GELGreka Eng&Tech Ltd USD0.000012.880.259.522.253.500
PREMPremier African MineralsNPV DI1.530.138.931.401.653.68m
ALPHAlpha Pyrenees Tst Ltd ORD NPV3.130.258.703.003.250.66m
NCTNorthcote Energy Ltd NPV (DI)
BOXBoxhill Tech PLC Ord 0.1P0.130.018.700.110.140
GLSGalasys PLC Ord NPV22.751.758.3322.5023.000.17m
OBTObtala Resources Limited Ord1P9.880.758.229.7510.001.3m
AEGActive Energy Group PLC Ord 1P3.
SEVServision PLC Ord 1P3.500.257.693.253.750.18m
EpicStock NameMidChange PChange %BidOfferVolumeTrade
MNCMetminco Limited Ord NPV1.080.087.501.001.152.74m
DDDD4D Pharma PLC Ord 0.25P297.5020.007.21285.00310.004,680
GNGGeong International Ltd Ord 1P3.880.256.903.504.250.19m
3NGSBoostna3 Bo Na Ga 3x Sho Da Et20.711.336.8520.4321.00600
STIStratex Intl PLC Ord 1P2.800.186.672.702.900.74m
QPPQuindell PLC Ord 15P180.0011.006.51179.75180.256.18m
ROSERose Petroleum PLC Ord 0.1P3.700.236.473.653.755.7m
CHLChurchill Mining PLC Ord 1P33.002.006.4532.5033.500.22m
TYMTertiary Minerals PLC Ord 1P6.250.386.386.006.500.44m
LCFEETFS Leveraged Coffee $13.270.806.3713.2213.3249,656
ODXOmega Diagnostics Group PLC 4P25.251.506.3224.5026.000.19m
SRESSunrise Resources PLC Ord 0.1P0.430.036.250.400.4519,718
GRPHGraphene Nanochem PLC Ord 20P55.253.256.2554.5056.000.15m
VCPVictoria PLC Ord 25P221.5013.006.24215.00228.0023,458
PGRPremier Gold Res Ord 0.1P0.090.015.880.080.1017.8m
GDLGrekaDrillingLtdOrd USD0.0000111.000.605.7710.2511.750.26m
MWAMwana Africa PLC Ord 1P2.800.155.662.752.851.67m
IFLIntl Ferro Metals Ltd Ord NPV7.260.385.457.027.490.94m
EDREgdon Resources PLC Ord 1P24.251.255.4323.5025.000.22m
3SGOBoostgo3 Bo Go 3x Sho Da Et ?9910.50495.505.269672.0010149.000
ASCASOS PLC Ord 3.5P2805.00140.005.252802.002808.000.66m
PHRMPhorm Corporation Ltd NPV (DI)10.250.505.1310.0010.500.44m
SRSPSirius Petroleum PLC Ord 0.25P3.
SLESanLeon Energy PLC Ord Eur0.052.840.145.002.822.851.68m
GSRGolden Saint Res Ltd Ord2.150.104.882.102.204.98m