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FTSE Share Prices (Risers)

Data collected at 13:10 29/07/14
Market Indicator
FTSE All Share 3637.9522.84
Biggest Risers (FTSE All Share)
AHGAthol Gold Ord 1p Di7.006.93
Biggest Fallers (FTSE All Share)
Most Active (FTSE All Share)
MTVMotive Television PLC Ord 0.1P119.6368m0.00
REMRare Earth Minerals PLC 0.01P108.3332m0.08
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Data collected at 13:15 29/07/14

Epic Stock Name Mid Change P
Change %
Bid Offer Volume
AEYAntrimEnergy IncCom Shs NPV8.004.75146.157.758.2538.49m
BOILBaron Oil PLC Ord 0.025P1.830.3019.671.751.902.6m
FITBFitbug Holdings PLC Ord 1P0.500.0817.650.450.550.27m
BAGRBagir Group Ltd Ord ILS0.04 DI11.751.7517.5010.5013.000.19m
MPOWMopowered Group Plc Ord 0.5p24.003.5017.0723.0025.000.18m
RHMResource Hldg Mgmt USD0.10 DI13.881.8815.6312.7515.0024,564
NCTNorthcote Energy Ltd NPV (DI)0.730.0812.400.700.752.87m
EMTEmmit PLC ORD 0.001P130.0012.5010.64100.00160.000
APRAPR Energy PLC Ord 10P565.0051.009.92564.50565.500.19m
DDDD4D Pharma PLC Ord 0.25P255.0022.509.68240.00270.0016,352
CTPCastleton Tech PLC Ord0.1P1.150.109.521.051.254.03m
WAFMWestAfricanMinerlsCorp Ord NPV5.880.509.305.756.002.48m
HYRHydrodec Group PLC Ord 0.5P12.001.009.0911.7512.250.53m
ALPHAlpha Pyrenees Tst Ltd ORD NPV4.500.389.094.254.750.26m
SRBSerabi Gold PLC Ord 0.5P6.250.508.706.006.500.65m
GKNGKN PLC Ord 10P372.1029.008.45372.00372.205.11m
CADCadogan Petroleum PLC Ord 3P12.250.887.6911.7512.750.16m
STLStilo International PLC Ord 1P3.500.257.693.004.000.32m
NRRPNorth River Res PLC Ord 0.2P0.730.057.410.700.750.88m
HALOHalosource Inc Com Shs NPV(DI)7.250.507.417.007.500.71m
ELMElementis PLC Ord 5P276.3018.907.34276.10276.500.46m
RBDReabold Resources PLC Ord 0.1P3.750.,081
ZBOZibaoMetalsRecyclngHdgs PLC 1P11.250.757.1410.5012.005,971
CRACorac Group PLC Ord 10P5.750.386.985.506.000.35m
EpicStock NameMidChange PChange %BidOfferVolumeTrade
CYANCyan Holdings PLC Ord 0.01P0.390.036.940.360.4155.69m
MARLMariana Resources Ltd Ord0.01P3.100.206.903.003.202.75m
TRITrifast PLC Ord 5P113.007.006.60112.25113.750.25m
PREMPremier African MineralsNPV DI1.230.086.521.101.352.71m
FTEForte Energy NL NPV0.330.026.450.310.353.53m
BAEBeale PLC Ord 5P12.750.756.2512.0013.5010,780
LSRLocal Shopping REIT (The) PLC34.502.006.1533.7535.250.18m
TSTRTri-star Res PLC Ord 0.005P0.190.015.560.180.208.8m
CAMKCamkids Group PLC Ord Npv57.003.005.5656.0058.000.36m
NMCNMC Health PLC Ord 10P479.4524.455.37477.40481.5017,287
VOGVictoria Oil&Gas PLC Ord 0.5P1.290.075.331.271.305.13m
CIRCCircle Holdings PLC Ord 2P63.003.135.2261.0065.003,499
IFLIntl Ferro Metals Ltd Ord NPV7.410.365.117.117.710.26m
GEMDGem Diamonds Ltd Ord USD0.01203.889.885.09203.25204.500.27m
AVMAvocet Mining PLC Ord 5P7.900.385.057.718.0919,459
WSGWestminster Group PLC Ord 10P53.502.504.9052.0055.000.14m
NWRNew World Res PLC A OrdEUR0.4010.750.504.8810.2511.2520,630
BMNBushveld Minerals Ld Ord 1P4.300.204.884.204.402.66m
SARSareum Holdings PLC Ord 0.025P0.550.034.760.500.606.5m
THRTHOR Mining PLC Ord 0.3P0.110.014.760.100.1298.93m
MXOMx Oil Ord 1p3.330.154.723.253.401.73m
REMRare Earth Minerals PLC 0.01P1.780.084.711.771.79108.17m
FLXFalanx Group Limited Ord NPV50.502.254.6650.0051.000.26m
CNRCondor Gold PLC Ord 20P90.004.004.6588.0092.000.15m
CTGChristie Group PLC Ord 2P124.005.504.64120.00128.0013,041