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FTSE Share Prices (Risers)

Data collected at 07:30 25/10/14
Market Indicator
FTSE All Share 3418.09-14.62
Biggest Risers (FTSE All Share)
AHGAthol Gold Ord 1p Di7.006.93
Biggest Fallers (FTSE All Share)
Most Active (FTSE All Share)
DORDoriemus PLC Ord 0.001P579.3559m-0.07
SOLOSolo Oil PLC Ord 0.01P545.284m-0.27
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Data collected at 19:35 24/10/14

Epic Stock Name Mid Change P
Change %
Bid Offer Volume
GELGreka Eng&Tech Ltd USD0.000011.750.3827.271.002.5038,926
FRIFrontier Res Intl PLC Ord 1P1.080.2022.860.951.206.5m
EDLEdenville Energy PLC Ord 0.02P0.060.0122.220.050.0611.2m
INCInsetco PLC Ord 0.001P0.090.0117.240.080.0969.12m
MATDPetro Matad Limited OrdUSD0.012.630.3816.672.502.750.24m
IRGIndependentResourcesPLC Ord 1P2.880.3815.002.503.258.31m
ZIOCZanaga Iron Ore Co Ltd Ord NPV14.881.8814.4214.2515.500.12m
MXOMX Oil PLC Ord 1P3.030.3814.153.003.0512.02m
FOUR4imprint Grp PLC Ord 38 6/13P782.5097.0014.10780.00785.000.64m
CHARChariot Oil&Gas Limited Ord 1P12.881.5012.7712.5013.250.35m
UJOUnion Jack Oil PLC Ord 0.025P0.340.0411.480.330.3559.52m
MIOMinco PLC Ord EUR0.01251.280.1310.871.251.302.26m
PREMPremier African MineralsNPV DI1.030.1010.810.951.109.04m
JQWJQW PLC Ord NPV41.504.0010.6741.0042.000.64m
OREOrogen Gold PLC Ord 0.1P0.110.0110.530.090.1236.27m
PALEquatorial Palm Oil PLC Ord 1P5.380.5010.265.255.500.3m
GWMOGreatWstnMiningCorpPLC Eur0.011.740.1610.131.731.7513.59m
SOUSound Oil PLC Ord 1P11.001.0010.0010.7511.252.26m
AEGActive Energy Group PLC Ord 1P3.150.289.573.003.301.82m
TYMTertiary Minerals PLC Ord 1P5.750.509.525.506.000.85m
RPORuspetro PLC Ord 10P14.501.259.4314.0015.000.41m
PFDPremier Foods PLC Ord 10P32.252.759.4032.0032.506.46m
AQPAquariusPlatinLdComShs USD0.0518.131.508.9618.0018.253.33m
AFCRAfrican Consolidtd Res PLC 1P1.100.098.961.091.1097.21m
EpicStock NameMidChange PChange %BidOfferVolumeTrade
AAUAriana Resources PLC Ord 1P0.950.088.570.901.001.51m
CHLChurchill Mining PLC Ord 1P22.251.758.5420.5024.0093,426
3NGSBoostna3 Bo Na Ga 3x Sho Da Et26.622.008.1126.5426.703,095
SUMMSummit Corporation PLC Ord 1P135.0010.008.00132.00138.000.11m
SRSPSirius Petroleum PLC Ord 0.25P2.750.207.842.652.853.64m
SGIStanley Gibbons Grp PLC Ord 1P264.0019.007.76260.00268.000.17m
GTCGetech Group PLC Ord 0.25P50.003.507.5349.0051.0023,864
JLHJohnLewsOfHungrfrdPLC Ord 0.1P1.450.107.411.301.6031.48m
PLAZPlaza Centers N V Ord EUR0.015.630.387.
IMTKImaginatik PLC Ord 0.0625P3.750.257.143.504.007,327
B033Barc Bk PLC F100 041114GBX100163.1411.587.10173.70175.700
PMLPapua Mining PLC Ord 10P23.501.506.8222.0025.000.17m
FITBFitbug Holdings PLC Ord 1P2.750.186.802.702.8020.55m
OPTSOptos PLC Ord 2P226.1314.006.67222.25230.000.24m
IQEIQE PLC Ord 1P16.131.006.5616.0016.256.5m
ULTUltrasis PLC Ord 0.1P0.170.016.450.150.186.95m
AAZAnglo Asian Mining PLC Ord 1P8.750.506.068.259.2561,750
PHCPlant Health Care PLC Ord 1P89.005.005.9587.0091.000.2m
TRETrading Emissions PLC ORD 1P5.460.315.925.165.7522,942
ZZZSnoozebox Holdings PLC Ord 1P9.000.505.888.759.250.67m
SEYSterling Energy PLC Ord 40P25.131.385.7924.2526.000.43m
AVPArmstrongVenturesPLC Ord 0.01P0.030.005.770.030.0368.7m
HRNHornby PLC Ord 1P74.254.005.6373.5075.0023,071
RRRRed Rock Resources PLC Ord0.1P0.190.015.560.180.209.49m
NCTNorthcote Energy Ltd NPV (DI)0.670.045.560.650.6838.31m