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FTSE Share Prices (Risers)

Data collected at 15:25 06/03/15
Market Indicator
FTSE All Share 3737.51-14.49
Biggest Risers (FTSE All Share)
AHGAthol Gold Ord 1p Di7.006.93
Biggest Fallers (FTSE All Share)
Most Active (FTSE All Share)
NCTNorthcote Energy Ltd NPV (DI)344.0864m0.02
SERSefton Res Inc Com Shs NPV184.2669m0.01
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Data collected at 15:30 06/03/15

Epic Stock Name Mid Change P
Change %
Bid Offer Volume
GELGreka Eng&Tech Ltd USD0.000011.750.98125.810.752.7513,857
ALBAAlba Mineral Res PLC Ord 0.1P0.350.0827.270.300.401.52m
NSHNorish PLC Ord EUR0.2544.509.5027.1441.0048.003,901
BMNBushveld Minerals Ld Ord 1P2.600.5325.302.502.703.08m
WATRWater Intelligence PLC Ord 1P40.508.0024.6237.0044.0026,739
TCGThomas Cook Grp PLC OrdEUR0.10148.3527.7523.01148.20148.5038.88m
ZZZSnoozebox Holdings PLC Ord 1P8.251.5022.228.008.502.32m
T2HUK Treasury TR. 2.5% STK8703.001550.0021.668505.008900.000
CN2HUK Consolidated 2 1/2% Stk8703.001529.0021.318505.008900.0094,300
TRAFTrafalgar New Homes PLC Ord 1P1.000.1517.650.951.052.2m
AMRArmour Group PLC Ord 1P5.880.8817.505.506.250.64m
PSLPhotonStar LED Grp PLC Ord 10P2.750.3815.792.503.000.24m
FRXFerrex PLC Ord 0.5P0.630.0813.640.550.708.61m
AMCAmur Minerals Corp Ord Npv8.170.8611.768.008.342.79m
PGRPremier Gold Res Ord 0.1P0.050.0111.110.040.0617.98m
RENEReNeuron Group PLC Ord 1P3.880.3810.713.754.001.92m
FASTFastnet Oil & Gas PLC Ord 3.8P2.330.2310.712.252.405.62m
SNGSynairgen PLC Ord 1P36.503.5010.6135.0038.000.73m
TPETTangiers Petroleum Ltd NPV DI0.580.059.520.550.6011.06m
3SSIBoost Silver 3X Sh Dly ETP GBP18133.001519.509.1518080.0018186.0014
EDLEdenville Energy PLC Ord 0.02P0.
3SGOBoost Gold 3X Sh Dly ETP GBP12522.501017.508.8412487.0012558.00552
RPTRegal Petroleum PLC Ord 5P4.620.388.834.254.9950,403
3SISBoost Silver 3X Sh Dly ETP USD273.4720.508.10272.65274.28210
ITEITE Group PLC Ord 1P189.3814.138.06189.00189.750.19m
EpicStock NameMidChange PChange %BidOfferVolumeTrade
AHCGAction Hotels PLC Ord 10P55.004.007.8453.0057.000.11m
OUTOutsourcery PLC Ord 1P27.502.007.8426.0029.0019,462
3GOSBoost Gold 3X Sh Dly ETP USD188.8313.667.80188.29189.3799
IGASIGAS Energy PLC Ord 10P24.251.757.7824.0024.501.1m
AKTARK Therpeutics Grp PLC Ord10P46.503.006.9045.0048.0021,600
MESMessaging Intl PLC Ord 0.5P0.780.056.900.750.800.58m
3SOIBoost Wti Oil 3X ShDly ETP GBP12302.00789.006.8512278.0012326.001,180
CPXCap-xx Limited Ord Npv1.180.086.821.101.251.26m
OMGOMG PLC Ord 0.25P39.252.506.8038.5040.0057,768
WSGWestminster Group PLC Ord 10P34.002.006.2533.0035.000.5m
FTNForesight 2 VCT PLC34.502.006.1533.0036.0010,188
NLGArria NLG PLC Ord 0.1P35.002.006.0633.0037.0025,000
RDTRosslyn Data Tech PLC GBP0.00517.501.006.0616.5018.500.24m
OPTIOptibiotix Health PLC Ord 2P28.501.636.0528.2528.750.44m
BSEBase Resources Limited Ord NPV6.630.386.006.007.250
RLDRichlandResLtdCoShs USD0.00032.250.135.882.002.500.67m
3OISBoost Wti Oil 3X ShDly ETP USD185.5210.215.82185.17185.87950
3HCSBoost Copper 3X Short Dly ETP178.029.655.73177.40178.6353
TRINTrinity Expl & Prod PLCUSD1.0023.131.255.7122.7523.500.55m
TILSTiziana Life SciencesPLC Ord3P65.503.505.6563.0068.009,091
2SISBoost Silver 2X Short DEtp103.515.295.39103.30103.710
OTCOrtac Resources Ltd NPV (DI)
KIBOKibo Mining PLC Ord EUR0.0155.
TRXTissue Regenix Grp PLC Ord0.5P20.501.005.1320.0021.000.94m
2GOSBoost Gold 2X Sht Daily Etp96.864.715.1196.6797.050