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FTSE Share Prices (Risers)

Data collected at 23:25 24/07/14
Market Indicator
FTSE All Share 3634.4411.24
Biggest Risers (FTSE All Share)
AHGAthol Gold Ord 1p Di7.006.93
Biggest Fallers (FTSE All Share)
Most Active (FTSE All Share)
REMRare Earth Minerals PLC 0.01P337.3743m0.13
MTVMotive Television PLC Ord 0.1P180.4517m0.00
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Data collected at 19:35 24/07/14

Epic Stock Name Mid Change P
Change %
Bid Offer Volume
MPLEMaple Energy PLC Ord USD0.0116.507.5083.3315.0018.003.8m
RBDReabold Resources PLC Ord 0.1P2.630.6331.252.253.0075,283
HTIGHightex Group PLC Ord 1P0.290.0729.550.270.30106.83m
ETQEnergy Technique PLC Ord 10P285.0050.0021.28275.00295.0041,349
MEDIMedilink Global UK Ltd Ord 5P2.880.5021.052.503.250.27m
HWDNHowden Joinery Grp PLC Ord 10P366.2053.3017.11366.00366.408.37m
PCFSPolarCap Gbl FinTst PLC Red1P8.631.1315.007.759.500.26m
BOILBaron Oil PLC Ord 0.025P1.580.2014.551.501.651.32m
GCOGreen Compliance PLC Ord 1P1.400.1814.291.301.500.85m
JIMJarvis Securities PLC Ord 1P492.5058.5013.48490.00495.0029,204
SKRSunkar Resources PLC Ord 0.1P2.140.2513.231.782.500
IFMIntandem Films PLC Ord 0.1P0.280.0312.240.250.302.16m
RTCRTC Group PLC Ord 1P41.504.5012.1641.0042.000.25m
TILSTiziana Life SciencesPLC Ord3P66.007.0011.8665.5066.500.1m
CLTVCellcast PLC Ord 1P0.950.1011.760.801.1050,000
AECAEC Education PLC Ord 5P2.750.2510.002.503.000
LCFEETFS Leveraged Coffee $10.560.939.6610.5210.6016,579
MSMNMosman Oil And Gas Ltd Ord NPV24.502.139.5024.2524.753.89m
OEXOilex LD Ord NPV11.631.009.4111.5011.7529.36m
EDGEdge Res Com Shs Npv Di10.380.889.2110.2510.501.06m
JMGSJPMorgan Emerg Mkts IT SS1P12.001.009.0910.0014.000.11m
EASEnergy Assets Group PLC Ord 1P437.5035.008.97425.00450.000.14m
PFPPathfinder Minerals PLC Ord 1P0.330.038.330.300.354.96m
LENLeyshon Energy Limited Ord NPV4.880.388.334.505.251.7m
CHARChariot Oil&Gas Limited Ord 1P16.631.258.0616.5016.756.72m
EpicStock NameMidChange PChange %BidOfferVolumeTrade
SAFSafeland PLC Ord 5P40.503.008.0039.0042.0030,269
RHMResource Hldg Mgmt USD0.10 DI13.501.008.0012.0015.000
ROSERose Petroleum PLC Ord 0.1P3.800.287.803.753.8539.39m
SEVServision PLC Ord 1P3.500.257.693.253.750.65m
PREMPremier African MineralsNPV DI1.050.087.690.951.150.58m
XPLXplorer PLC Ord 0.1P36.002.507.4634.0038.000.13m
IOMIomart Group PLC Ord 1P254.3817.507.45253.00255.751.78m
3SSIBoostsi3 Bo Si 3x Sho Da Et ?10050.00679.507.2510021.0010079.000
TTR32Red PLC Ord 0.2P55.753.757.2155.0056.500.65m
AGYAllergyTherapeuticsPLC Ord0.1P19.131.256.9918.7519.500.13m
FRRFronteraResCorp Shs USD0.000040.770.056.940.740.8018.88m
OREOrogen Gold PLC Ord 0.1P0.160.016.900.140.176.3m
NICLNichols PLC Ord 10P991.5064.506.89983.001000.000.48m
REMRare Earth Minerals PLC 0.01P1.960.136.851.951.97337.37m
3SISBoos3 Boo Sil 3x Short Dai Etp170.6410.946.85170.16171.110
CPPCPP Group PLC Ord 10P10.250.636.499.5011.000.77m
CGHChaaratGoldHdgs Ld Ord USD0.0114.630.886.3614.2515.000.26m
AFCRAfrican Consolidtd Res PLC 1P1.300.
AAUAriana Resources PLC Ord 1P0.900.055.880.801.000.4m
CYANCyan Holdings PLC Ord 0.01P0.450.035.880.440.4642.98m
PLMOPolemos PLC Ord 0.01P0.180.015.880.170.1913.02m
BIOMBiome Technologies PLC Ord 5P182.5010.005.80170.00195.001,163
GWMOGreatWstnMiningCorpPLC Eur0.010.650.045.690.620.682.59m