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Currency Converter

What is your money worth in other currencies?

Convert £ Sterling into any currency using Moneyextra's UK currency converter. Our easy to use tourist rate currency calculator allows you to change your Pounds into more than 60 currencies. The rates shown are updated regularly however the rate you will actually get could change as trading rates vary throughout the day.

Currency Converter

£1 = 1.5482 United States - Dollars

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global rate converter for currency

Travelling abroad this year? Make sure you sort out your hard earned cash before you go, don't leave it till the last minute. An online currency convertor can help make sure you get the most for your money and ensure that you have enough money for your trip. Use Moneyextra.com free currency convertor to convert £ Sterling into any currency in the world at the click of a button.

The foreign exchange market is arguably the largest market in the world mainly because unlike many other financial markets the whole world is its trading ground. It operates 24 hours a day to make up for time zones except on weekends and means that it trades trillions of US dollars every day.

The up to date currency converter calculator will give you a very accurate idea of what your cash will be worth when you go away but you should bear in mind that this figure will fluctuate depending on the currency market, which is affected seasonally, and the economic climate of the home country and the country you intend to visit. Also the price you pay for your currency will differ depending on who you purchase you currency from, as each bank will charge different commission.

There are a number of online currency convertors available online including, post office currency convertor; xe currency convertor; universal currency convertor; yahoo currency convertor to name a few. But each works on the same rules.

Currency providers will make profit on currency exchange rates by buying currency for a lesser price that what they are selling it for. For example if the provider is selling euros £1 = €1.15 and they are buying for £1= €1 then the provider has made €0.15 profit on each £1. So if you bring unused cash back home and have no opportunity to use again then you will more than likely sell you currency for less than you bought it for, so using the currency convertor before you go will mean that you can ensure you change just the right amount to ensure you don't lose out when you come home.