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MBNA Loans

MBNA loans are available from £1,000 to £25,000 together with the option of a deferment period for the first month. MBNA loans are available within 24 hours and offer payment terms from one to six years. As with other loans of this type an MBNA loan quotes a typical APR. However, the typical rate on the MBNA loan may be subject to change. In addition, eligibility for the typical APR on an MBNA loan will depend on the borrower's personal circumstances and the loan amount required.

MBNA also offers credit cards of course - the three branded MBNA credit cards headed-up by the MBNA Platinum Plus Credit Card. Other credit cards include MBNA Classic Credit Card and MBNA Platinum Rewards Credit Card.

MBNA Platinum Plus Credit Card charges 0% p.a. on card purchases for six months from account opening and 0% p.a. on balance transfers and credit card cheques for nine months from account opening, provided you operate your account within the terms and conditions.

Card purchases, balance transfers, credit card cheques and cash transactions including money transfers will be liable to charges if you don't pay your MBNA credit card balance in full each month. Interest will be charged starting on the transaction date and ending on the date you pay your MBNA credit card bill in full.

Balances at lower rates of interest will be paid before balances at higher rates of interest on MBNA credit cards. This means that if you have made a transaction at a promotional rate after your last statement date but before the date MBNA receives your payment, that transaction will be paid off first.

MBNA Corporation is a bank holding company and the parent of MBNA America Bank, N. A., a national bank. MBNA America has two principal subsidiaries: MBNA Europe Bank Limited MBNA Europe and MBNA Canada Bank MBNA Canada, fully chartered banks that issue credit cards in the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Canada.

MBNA is also involved in affinity credit cards marketing. This means MBNA operates credit cards for more than 5,100 membership organisations, corporations, sports teams, and financial institutions worldwide. There are more than 850 such organisations in Europe including AOL UK, Manchester United Football Club and the World Wildlife Fund among others.

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