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How to make a million


A million pounds may not be worth what it was but its still an impressive financial achievement to be worth a million. How do you do it Win a million inherit a million marry a million or earn a million Moneyextra.com explains how.


  • How can I win a millionHow do I inherit a millionHow do I marry a millionHow do I get a house worth a millionHow can I earn a millionWhat do I need to invest to make a millionCan I create a pension worth a millionCould inflation make me a millionaireTop of PageAn up-to-date will is your best defence against inheritance tax.Top of PageTop of PageMoving home Then maybe you should be moving your mortgage too! See how much money you could be saving right now with a better mortgage.Top of PageTop of PageMoneyextra.coms Investment Centre contains all you need to know about investing in the stock market.Top of PageShould you be taking advantage of a stakeholder pension Find out more about your pension options.Top of PageDo you need unbiased independent financial advice Why not give us a callTop of PageMoneyextra.com

How can I win a million

Almost half a million of us are members of the million dollar club according to a Merrill Lynch Cap Gemini 11th World Wealth Report published in June 2007. The members of this exclusive club have cash and investments worth 1 million £500000 - a tally which does not include the value of their home. In fact the number of rich Brits grew 8.1 to 485580 in 2006 and those with more than 30 million lying around the ultra-high net worth individuals rose by 10 to 3750. The question is how can we join the millionaires club


You may think your best bet resides with an appearance on a TV programme hosted by a middle-aged blonde ex-DJ from Capital Radio. But if the bright lights of Who wants to be a millionaire dont inspire you or your general knowledge is not good enough or your fingers just arent fast enough you have other options.


These include the National Lottery with a 14 million to one chance and Premium Bonds 68 million to one chance but you never lose your stake. You could even just take a £1 coin to a casino. Put your one-pound chip on your favourite number on the roulette table. When the number comes up do the same again "let it ride" three more times in a row and youll be in the millionaire bracket pocketing a cool £1.5 million. Dont hold your breath while waiting for any of these things to happen.

How do I inherit a million

Inheriting your wealth works and its perfectly legal. However it also depends on you having rich relatives so getting your wealth this way tends to be a bit out of your control although you can help make sure that your relatives do proper inheritance tax planning.


If your great-uncle is loaded then you probably need to make sure he knows that you think he really is great even if he is actually a miserable old so-and-so. As you will quickly realise gold digging is deeply undignified.


Alternatively keep an eye on the obits - going through the Wills and Bequests section of for example The Daily Telegraph or The Times could be a start - you then hire a lawyer on a no-win no-fee basis to try and establish a bloodline to the donor and claim your share!


Stocking up on life insurance to cover your supposed loved one and then taking out a contract on them may be a good script for a Hollywood thriller [Double Indemnity] but is unlikely to work - it didnt in the movie.

How do I marry a million

It is said to be every mans dream to marry a sports-car driving brewery heiress. Sadly there are not enough of them to go round. In fact it is very very difficult for men to marry money and not much easier for women. The vast majority of us those who are lets face it not drop-dead knee-tremblingly gorgeous are not likely to be able to follow this route. The remainder might like to start by making regular purchases of a particular kind of gossipy glossy magazines in order to compile a list of likely targets sorry potential mates.


When Archibald Alexander Leach better known as Cary Grant tied the knot with Woolworths heiress Barbara Hutton in July 1942 wags rather unkindly referred to the couple as "cash and Cary". In modern day terms the woman was worth several hundred million dollars shed actually inherited 60 million. For this kind of money you can afford to maintain a dignified silence I find tearing up a £50 note into small pieces and scattering it in someones face a fast way to stop them laughing.


Wealthy women tend to be thinner that makes sense on its own and thinner on the ground than wealthy men. If you are looking for a beautiful wealthy young woman you are probably going to have to head off to Hollywood and hang around outside the studios.


Those looking for young men with money dont have so far to travel. The nearest Premiership football ground is likely to be far enough. The bonus here is that not only will your prospective partner have money and a willingness to spend it on you but he is likely to be fit as well. As for emotional and mental maturity well you cant have everything can you

How do I get a house worth a million

This has been the subject of numerous television programmes featuring z-list celebrities - the kind of people for whom high-end property magazines may count as a kind of pornography. You can if you are prepared to take the risks and play the property market trade up furiously taking your profits as you go until you reach the house worth a million.


Of course such a plan only works in a rising market. Frankly if the market is rising you could just stay put. Take the average house worth £209454 in April 2007 according to the Department for Communities and Local Government Source Communities and Local Government Statistical Release 20070107 of 11062007. Assume house price inflation of 20 a year and your average house would be worth more than a million in less than 10 years!


Is 20 inflation in house prices each year for 10 years a realistic prospect Probably not but do bear in mind that average house prices have almost doubled in the last five years rising from £109725 in June 2002 Source Halifax House Price Index.

How can I earn a million

If you are on median earnings £23600 in the year to April 2006 source National Statistics then all you need to do to earn a million is work solidly for just under 43 years. You probably wont notice that a million pounds will have passed through your hands but it will have done.


Theres an old saying "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door!" It is not entirely true. If you build a better mouse trap what is likely to happen is that existing mouse trap builders will first do their damnedest to make sure your invention never sees the light of day; if it does they will rubbish it and if you start to make serious inroads into their market they will rip-off your design and claim it as their own.


Does that sound a little jaundiced Maybe but all you have to do to realise it is painfully accurate is read the autobiographies of inventors like James Dyson who created the ball-barrow and the eponymous vacuum cleaner Against the Odds An Autobiography by James Dyson published 1998 and Trevor Bayliss who designed the wind-up radio Clock This My Life as an Inventor by Trevor Bayliss published 1999.


So while finding the killer invention and registering key patents is a potential money-maker you might find it easier to climb the greasy poll to the top inside an organisation rather than outside it. Set your sights on becoming the Chief Executive of a company turning over more than £1 billion a year. According to the Executive Directors Total Remuneration Survey 2006 by executive pay consultancy Independent Remuneration Solutions IRS and Manifest median total CEO remuneration in such companies in 2005 was £2.1m including salary benefits bonus and options and share schemes having risen by 9 - faster than average earnings and by three times the rate of inflation.

What do I need to invest to make a million

You could have made your million investing in the stock market had you chosen the right go-go stocks during the internet bubble of the late 1990s. However you would have had to get your timing absolutely spot-on otherwise very quickly you would also have found that your investment would be gone-gone!


You may prefer to try your hand at the derivatives markets but if you are considering this option or future consider the fate of Barings Bank at the hands of rogue trader Nick Leeson. These markets are best avoided unless you really know what youre doing.


All of which is not to say that you cannot make money in the stock market. Assume a nominal annual return of 7 and you could rack a million in 25 years. To do so would cost you a monthly investment of £1236.


Weve used 7 as a nominal average annual return forecast based on adding together 2 inflation 2.25 trend growth for Gross Domestic Product UK economic turnover and say around 3.75 dividend yield. That tots up to 8 subtract 1 for annual charges and voila!


If the stock markets vagaries make you nervous you could always aim for the bounties of compound interest returns on a savings account. If such an account is more your risk level an assumed net return of 4.5 a year would deliver a million to you in 25 years provided you could afford to put away £1808 a month.

Can I create a pension worth a million

Take out a stakeholder pension with the basic £20 a month contribution and at an assumed rate of return of 7 you will have accumulated a million in 81 years and five months - probably just in time to give you a decent send-off!


A more realistic gross monthly pension contribution of £300 with the same assumed return would create a fund worth a million pounds in an equally more realistic 43 years three months - not remarkably dissimilar to the now expected post-graduation working lifetime. Remember that under current legislation a gross pension contribution of £300 would cost a basic rate taxpayer £234 and a higher rate taxpayer just £180.

Could inflation make me a millionaire

A million pounds is not worth what it used to be. That is the rich mans lament but it is not all that far from the truth. A million pounds in 2005 had the same spending power as £43579 pounds in 1950.


Research by luxury events organiser Carbon Black Source Daily Mail 270407 suggests that you would actually need nearer £6 million than £1 million to live the millionaire lifestyle.


Indeed millionaires are now so common that the coffee table magazine for the aspirational rich in America had to change its name in 2000 from Millionaire to Opulence to retain some sense of exclusivity.


A million is a lot of money but it wont necessarily give you a lot of money. Invest it in such a way as to ensure that your capital is at no risk at all and you will be lucky to generate an income of much more than £50000 a year. Yes that is double the national average wage but it is still hardly "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" territory!


Assuming inflation steady at the Bank of Englands target of 2 the spending power of one million pounds in todays terms would be worth £817072.81 in 10 years time having lost almost a fifth of its value and £667607.97 in 20 years time down by nearly a third.


If you really wanted to be a millionaire in a hurry then a summer holiday in Turkey in 2004 would have done the trick. To become a Turkish Lira millionaire would have cost you a mere 37.5p TRL2667184.65£1 on 100804! However on January 1st 2005 the Turkish Lira was replaced with a new currency knocking six noughts off the old one. Now your best bet for a holiday destination with the millionaire touch is Vietnam where you can be a millionaire in Dongs for the princely sum of £30.47. VND32818.3£1 on 040707.

29 August 2007


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