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Mint Credit Cards

Everything you need to know about the range of Mint Credit Cards.

Mint - the credit card famous for its one missing edge - offers 0% on its balance transfer card . However the fee for all balance transfers is pegged at a higher-than-average 2.9%.

Search for the cheapest credit cards and apply online.

In addition balances cant come from another Mint credit card or even another card with the Royal Bank of Scotland RBS - the group that owns Mint.

The interest charged is variable and will depend on borrowers credit ratings. Spending limits will also vary on this basis although the maximum available with a Mint card is £7500.

Benefits of the Mint credit card include online account management the facility to receive free texts and email alerts no annual fee free fraud protection service and a 24-hour support line for customers. Cardholders can also apply for an additional card for a friend or partner.

Can you save money by switching to another credit card? Find out with Moneyextra.coms comparison service.

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