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Tourist Currency Rates (Sunday 24th May 2015)

Travelling abroad on holiday or business? Check out our tourist rate guide to see how much your pound will get you when you buy currency at your travel agent or bureau de change. Here's what your £ Sterling is worth. The rates shown below are updated daily at approximately 09:30am.

Argentina - Pesos6.957
Australia - Dollar1.4606
Spain - Euro1.1902
Bahamas - Dollars1.4513
Bahrain - Dinar0.5661
Barbados - Dollars2.9466
Bermuda - Dollars1.4752
Brazil - Reais2.9017
British - Pounds1
Bulgaria - Leva2.1632
Canada - Dollars1.4986
Chile - Pesos696.2418
China - Yuan9.246
Colombia - Pesos2446.093
Croatia - Kuna8.5486
Czech Republic - Koruny27.5454
Denmark - Kroner8.4313
Dominican Republic - Pesos56.4047
East Caribbean - Dollar4.0083
Egypt - Pounds8.8436
Fiji - Dollars2.6268
Gambia - Dalasi48.0412
Hong Kong - Dollars11.5656
Hungary - Forint312.2028
Indonesia - Rupiahs13904.1
Israel - New Shekels5.6314
Jamaica - Dollars133.7973
Japan - Yen117.7968
Jordan - Dinars1.0552
Kenya - Shillings123.9681
Kuwait - Dinar0.4205
Latvia - Lati0.7715
Lithuania Litai3.8917
Malaysia - Ringgits4.5078
Maldives - Rufiyaa22.8264
Mauritius - Rupee46.1981
Mexico - Pesos18.1333
New Zealand - Dollars1.8342
Norway - Kroner8.2543
Oman - Rials0.5698
Philippines - Pesos61.8366
Poland - Zlotych4.5315
Qatar - Riyals5.5276
Romania - New Lei5.115
Russia - Rubles42.5941
Saudi Arabia - Riyals5.5401
Singapore - Dollars1.803
South Africa - Rand12.5893
South Korea - Won1605.108
Sweden - Kronor9.6017
Switzerland - Francs1.3674
Thailand - Baht44.9658
Trinidad and Tobago - Dollars9.3005
Turkish - New Lira2.6477
United Arab Emirates - Dirhams5.424
United States - Dollars1.5482

European Euro: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Remember the rate you will actually get could change as trading rates vary throughout the day.

Tourist Exchange Rates

global  rate of exchange for tourists

If you are travelling abroad this year and looking to buy foreign currency for wherever you plan to go, you'll no doubt be checking out foreign currency tourist rates. But what do all these tables of tourist currency exchange rates mean and how do you know your getting the best tourist currency rates for your hard earned cash?

The foreign exchange market is arguably the largest market in the world mainly because unlike many other financial markets the whole world is its trading ground. It operates 24 hours a day except on weekends to make up for time zones and means that it trades trillions of US dollars every day.

Tourist currency exchange rates are based on the manipulation of two variables:

  1. Spot Exchange Rate - This is the current market price of the actual physical commodity. Put into simple terms, it means that on the day you physically buy your currency this is what it is worth as long as it is delivered that day and paid for by cash. The opposite to this rate is the Forward Exchange Rate which refers to an exchange rate that is quoted and traded today but delivery and payment on a specific future date.

  2. Commission - this is charged per transaction either by a percentage of the transaction or a fixed fee or both.

Currency providers will make profit on currency tourist exchange rate by buying currency for a lesser price that what they are selling it for. For example if the provider is selling euros £1 €1.15 and they are buying for £1 €1 then the provider has made €0.15 profit on each £1. Making it a very lucrative buiness


  • Some banks will charge a handling fees or delivery charges on currency tourist rates if you order below a certain amount so be sure to check exactly what fees you are being charged.
  • Watch out for Commission free offers as often they will merely include this within their Commission calculation and no real saving is made.
  • Ultimately, always shop around for the best tourist currency rates in the market today.